ChorusOz 2018 Saul

Sunday 10 June at 5pm
Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House

Handel Saul (90-minute abridged version)

Brett Weymark conductor
Lorina Gore
Penelope Mills soprano
Nicholas Tolputt counter-tenor
Brad Cooper tenor
Simon Lobelson bass
Chorus Oz Choir

Sydney Philharmonia Orchestra

A king, his successor and a friendship transformed into a deadly rivalry. Handel’s oratorio is one of his most grand and gripping dramas.

Against a backdrop of splendid choruses, arias and spectacular instrumental fireworks, Handel explores the tumultuous relationship between Saul, first king of the Israelites, his successor, David. Handel’s instinct for vivid characterisation and profound psychological insight yields music of rare beauty and intensity. Handel scholar Winston Dean calls it ‘one of the supreme masterpieces of dramatic art comparable with the works of Sophocles and Shakespeare'.

This first of Handel’s great oratorios, Saul is freely adapted from the Old Testament Book of Samuel, brilliantly embroidered by his frequent collaborator Charles Jennens. After David slays the Philistine giant Goliath, David is hailed at the court of King Saul. Admiration turns to jealousy and Saul orders his son Jonathan to kill David. Touching on themes of love in conflict with loyalty and the bitter costs of power, the story of Saul retains a powerful contemporary resonance. Adelaide Festival's recent staging inspired a new appreciation of Handel’s spectacular score and the strength of its drama.

Running time: 1 hour and 30 minutes.There will be no interval

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